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We are The Buffalo Turf Company, here to support our community and fanbase.

In order to keep up with the wear and tear of the league’s best, New Era Field needed a fresh playing surface. This has allowed their lifelong supporters like you and us to have the chance to own a piece of team history!

In June of 2019, The Buffalo Turf Company purchased the old field surface through a public auction from Erie County. The county saw that there was some value to the turf, and that it should not be thrown away. Pat Brady, the founder of The Buffalo Turf Company, saw an opportunity and committed to the project. His vision was to process the material in a way that would make it accessible to any fan, while also preserving the significant sections of the field for collectors.

Whether you want to add this piece for your own collection, or for the special fan in your life, our turf is guaranteed to be as absolute winner. We have processed the turf into sizes that will allow anyone to get their hands on the field that broke the playoff drought!

Cuts are limited, and once they're gone, they're gone! Choose from a variety of pieces from the green playing field, the end zone, and even the goal line. The surface was in use from 2011-2018 and we’re sure that you can find a part of the field that brings back the most memories.

We knew the only thing we could do with this turf is offer the chance to give it back to you the fans, the one’s who support our boys week in and week out. Each piece is truly unique, and the mystery of what actually happened on your cut will keep you and your guests entertained for years to come.

We are The Buffalo Turf Company, and we’re your biggest fan.

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