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As we have worked through all of the field surface, portions have been set aside that have needed extra processing. Pieces that needed to be patched or cleaned have been collected and cleaned. Final inventories will be posted as this processing is completed. Make no mistake, when we say final, we mean it. Once items are marked FINAL and SOLD OUT, there is absolutely no inventory remaining.



This is where it starts to get exciting.

This piece of turf has been selected straight from the famous 20 Yard Line. This is for the fan who knows good is not good enough. It is one of the rarest pieces from our inventory. The classic Red White and Blue will leave no guessing to what team you're watching on Sunday.



Fast Facts

-Turf from the 20 yard line surface of New Era Field in Orchard Park, NY

-Pricing starts at the 1x1 price, and increases as green field turf is added to either side. 

-Cuts are measured in feet, not inches

-Fibers of the turf are 2” long

-This turf was in use during games and events from 2011 to 2018


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